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Shaver's Approach to Quality

Shaver's Sash and Door Ltd. brings generations of experience to all aspects of the millwork industry. We can manufacture a custom door system or complete house package, created with the highest quality materials and workmanship for a totally unique home. The experienced staff at Shaver's can also reproduce any heritage project to preserve the critical historical details and also undertake large volume projects for commercial clients.

The Shaver's team brings over 200 years of combined service and craftsmanship which ensures the highest quality products are provided to our customers.

Shaver's Sash and Door Ltd.'s motto is:

"Good as new is easy, but good as old takes talent."

Shaver's History

High Quality Workmanship That Will Keep You Coming Back

1914 – The Beginning 

Our story begins in Regina in 1914. H.A. Shaver, described as a self-taught man who did it all from building homes in the Regina area, opens the doors to Shaver's Sash and Door Ltd. to make windows and doors as well as turning pulleys for grain elevators in the prairies. Those doors opened on the 1200 block of Cornwall Street and were H.A Shaver’s home away from home until his death in 1953 at age 75. H.A Shaver’s grandson Roy then takes over the family business after working with his grandfather for 8 years. Roy and his wife Florence maintain the Cornwall location until 1964 when they move the business into a custom built facility elsewhere in Regina.

1970 – 1998 – New Eras

In 1977 Allen Shaver, Roy’s son, joins the company and like his father learns the family business while working after school and on weekends. Allen is the 3rd generation Shaver to join the family business. In 1985 Arlene Shaver, Allen’s sister, joins the family business in an administrative role running the office and customer service. This vital position was proof that the family business was growing into the modern professional world. In 1996 Gord Plessl joins the Shaver business in a management role. His role would be a living embodiment for the company’s beliefs in expertise, market presence, and quality. In 1998 the Shaver’s company moves locations yet again, this time to a 15,000 square foot facility on 4th avenue east. In the two decades that follow, the Shaver team would continue to grow, adding, new and cutting edge products, state-of-the-art equipment and, most important, skilled and professional people.

How is a century of service achieved?

Shaver’s is where it is today following three core values: Family, sacrifice, and change. Although it is a family run business that does not mean that family activities are exclusive or forgotten. Shaver’s clients are seen as being part of the family, meaning customer service going above and beyond that of “just a client”, a quality that creates loyalty and is unachievable by many larger manufacturers.  Sacrifice is a value that goes on at many levels being a smaller manufacturer, not just in the workplace. Being a small family run business means making sacrifices financially, both related and unrelated to work, and also in free time. It’s important to know what to sacrifice and what can’t be sacrificed, family is one thing that is never sacrificed. Change is something every industry needs to deal with, and the millwork industry is no different. Shaver’s is where it is today because it has been able to adapt so well to an ever changing market, while adhering to the difficult challenges put forth by the industry. One family run manufacturer has proved that it is possible to overcome those industry challenges, achieving long-term success… one hundred years’ worth!

Shaver's Team

The Shavers team is comprised of only 8 key members. Although this number is relatively small, the years of experience and expertise by comparison is huge.

The members of Shaver's team have an excess of 200 years of experience in the woodworking field.  They've manufactured product for some of the most elaborate churches to the simplest of barns.  This includes almost any molding, window, and door style or type you can think of.

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