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Shaver's Approach to Quality

Shaver's Sash and Door Ltd. brings generations of experience to all aspects of the millwork industry. We can manufacture a custom door system or complete house package, created with the highest quality materials and workmanship for a totally unique home. The experienced staff at Shaver's can also reproduce any heritage project to preserve the critical historical details and also undertake large volume projects for commercial clients.

The Shaver's team brings over 200 years of combined service and craftsmanship which ensures the highest quality products are provided to our customers.

Shaver's Sash and Door Ltd.'s motto is:

"Good as new is easy, but good as old takes talent."


The depth and expertise of our team is complemented by our outstanding facilities. We have the right workspace and equipment to satisfy the most demanding projects.

Mereen Johnson Gang Rip Saw

Laser guided multi-rip saw; this saw ensures straight and fast cutting of raw lumber.


A six head molder for small or large size runs. Used when manufacturing a variety of products such as casings, baseboards, window and door components in standard or custom profiles.

Mortising and Tenoning Line

Single end tenoners along with chisel and chain mortisers provide the male and female joinery for our stile and rail doors, which make the strongest joint in the industry.

Planing and Shaping Equipment

Our 24" wide thickness planer provides accurate sizing of material. On the right side is our 10hp shaper with tilting spindle and four-roller power feed.

Timesave Sander

This 52" wide triple belt sander ensures smooth and accurate thickness sanding up to 180 grit sanding paper.

Cutting and Optimizing Equipment

This new technology uses computer aided optimization to ensure precision that is beyond measure. 

Uni-Master CNC

Provides the ability for Shavers to manufacture curved doors and stairways, cabinetry, and much, much, more.


One of our well-equipped workstations.

Tool and Grinding Room

This is a look at our tool room and grinding room, which stores over 300 cutters of various type and description.

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